Giving Your Skin the Best Care

Giving Your Skin the Best Care

Skin Types

When it comes to our skin it is important that we are looking after it for the future. Giving the correct care to your skin can reduce how quickly our skin will develop wrinkles and ageing. Below we have put together a guide on the ways to look after your skin depending on your skin type. No one’s face is the same and it should be treated with care, to benefit us as we grow older.

Sensitive skin

Firstly, you need to determine whether you have sensitive skin or not. The key signs of sensitive skin are if you skin becomes blotchy or feels itchy when using fragranced products. If you are developing these signs, this most probably means you have sensitive skin.

When you cleanse your skin, make sure you are using something on your face which is calming for the skin to stop irritation. We have a large selection of different cleansers for you to chose form, like our Cleansing foam.

Moisturise, it is a key part! Never skip it; lightweight creams strengthen and repair skin barriers which makes your skin feel soft and smooth, even just after one use. Moisturise daily, day and night smoothing over your face until fully absorbed.  You can shop our range of moisturisers by clicking here. We highly recommend our Restore Cellular Moisturiser which is formulated for sensitive skin.

Adding a calming face mask into your skin routine to give your skin some extra TLC. You can use a face mask twice a week for full effectiveness. When applying the face mask to your skin, apply a thin layer and leave on for 15 minutes, to treat your sensitive skin. Always rinse thoroughly after use with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry instead of rubbing as this can cause irritation.

Oily skin

Sebum is vital for healthy skin, but at times we can over produce it causing oily skin which leads to clogged pours and acne. Wash you face regularly to help reduce oil sitting on your skin and deep within the pours. A fragranced free soap should be used on your skin, avoiding rough washcloths as this can stimulate the skin into producing more oil.

As the day goes on you may find your skin to build up with oil. Blotching papers are designed to pull oil from the skin. They will not treat the extra sebum production but can help to lift oils from the skin, making it appear less oily during your morning and evening face wash.


Dry Skin

Flaking, cracks and bleeds are caused from dry skin. Adding or changing a few things in your facial routine can help reduce these symptoms. Apply a moisturiser as soon as you have washed your face to trap the moisture in your skin. Ointments are a great substitute to lotions as it can cause less irritation than lotion on your skin. Lastly, use fragranced-free products on your face, this will be more calming and beneficial.

If you are looking for skin care products for your skin Michael Marcus have a range of different products to browse and shop to help keep your skin glowing and healthy. Visit our website or click here to find yours today.

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