The Surprising Benefits of Using Face Serum

The Surprising Benefits of Using Face Serum

The word serum is taken from science, and when applied to skincare, it is a lightweight cosmetic preparation which is concentrated and doesn’t include lubricating and thickening agents. The biggest reason to use serum on your face is to get a power packed and nutritious product, to give healthier skin.

If you want to amplify your skincare routine with a product that contains more active ingredients than a cleanser or moisturiser, a face serum may be the perfect solution.

Benefits on face serums

Below we will discuss why it is beneficial to use face serums and if you are not using it already in your skincare routine, this may make you think again and look into including it into your daily routine.

Easy to absorb

The formular will be light and non-greasy, thanks to the absence of extras added into the formular. Ingredients are selected which can be easily absorbed into the skin, so that they can start to work immediately.


One small bottle of face serum from a skincare range like Michael Marcus, will have a rich blend of ingredients which are chosen to make your skin look and feel fabulous. They will also add important nutrients and moisturising elements to the skin, which we may be lacking to help improve our skins health. Face serums are formulated to lock in the active properties of all the natural ingredients included.

Boosting collagen

Plumper, firmer and healthier skin is all resulted from feeding it the right things and enabling our skin to produce lots of supportive collagen. One main benefit of face serum is that it can combat tired, dull, and lined skin. By helping it produce the right amount of collagen, it can fight skin problems we may be faced it.

Protection from free radicals

Face serums feed your skin with natural substances that help it to fight free radicals. These are the things which damage our skin, due to environmental factors. Having an improved level of protection means a greater chance of limiting the signs of aging to our skin.


You only need a couple of drops of serum to feel positive effects quickly.


Michael Marcus serums

At Michael Marucs we have a range of different serums to help your skin and add nutrients to it for different reasons.

Our vitamin C serum helps to firm, hydrate and improve the appearance of your skins tone and textures. Your skin is bathed in immediate moisture that it is lacking to make your skin feel softer, smoother, and fresher.

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Our night serum is a lightweight and powerful serum that renews skin tone and texture, giving It a vibrant and healthy-looking complexion. Our serum also helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, returning it to its youthful face contour.

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To view our full serum collection on the Michael Marcus website, follow the link below.

Serums For All Skin Types | Michael Marcus Skincare – michael marcus skincare


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