What is Hydromarine™ and why do I need it ?

What is Hydromarine™ and why do I need it ?

The last year and a half were tough with the world coming to a stop and then on top of that came “Snowmageddon” in Texas. Power outages, sub-zero weather, broken pipes, and flowing water into my house left me homeless Fortunately, I was able to relocate with my cats to a beach in Mexico while my destroyed house was being put back together. Frankly, for the first time in my life I was ready to quit. While sitting on the beach, it gave me a chance to reflect on the 25 years I had spent in the skin care business. During that period, I learned so much and made so many wonderful friends who loved my products. I was so taken with the numerous emails and text messages from loyal customers and friends urging me to continue with my business and re-open. I have never been one to sit idle (my first job was a paper route at 12) so after a short retirement, I became insanely bored and I really missed you and the Michael Marcus community. However, in re-evaluating my business, I decided to move my entire business online and relaunch with a new easy to use Shopify platform. I loved my time on shopping channels but let’s face it, with our new platform and vision, I can bring you better prices by going direct. In the coming months we will launch product of month (maybe BOGO’s 😊), subscriptions and savings so you never run out or your favorite product and get an even BETTER value. Did I mention our revamped Loyalty program ??

While we have always concentrated on organic, sustainable, ecologically friendly ingredients like what our competitors tout, they are also tested over time to be non-toxic, non-allergenic and actually much better than any we have seen in the marketplace. Now with a new shopping platform and a streamlined business, my goal is to continue to bring you a high quality product at a more affordable price by creating “value” sets and spectacular offers.

When it comes to my products, Hydromarine™ is at the center of everything I create. Why, you ask?

Hydromarine is my “fountain of youth” .

And what exactly is Hydromarine™? 

When I was 15, I was lucky enough to visit Hawaii. Being a sun worshipper, I of course fell asleep in the sun. Waking up to the side of my face blistering was a little alarming. Our local guide had me put seaweed on it. Miraculously, it healed fast and stupidly I was back in the sun in 4 days. I was 15….

In my mid 20’s I became obsessed with the cosmetic world and as I approached the dreaded age of 30, I started developing my own products.

Recalling my youth, I reflected back to my time in Hawaii.

I learned that the volcanic ash and lava are packed with the earths’ nutrients. It is absorbed into the soil and water and is an incredible natural fertilizer. Through the active volcanic activity of Kilauea mother nature is providing the plant life around Hawaii with constant natural fertilization. The water contains a significantly higher concentration of trace minerals. Trace minerals are necessary to promote more youthful looking skin.


So to answer the question directly as to what Hydromarine™  is - Hydromarine™ is a synergistic cocktail of sea extracts that work to support skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Broken down, Hydromarine is a combination of:

  • Hawaiian Artesian Water that naturally has a higher concentration that promotes skin health through lava infusion.
  • Volcanic materials ultimately break down and weather to form some of the most fertile soils and waters on Earth which cultivate and produce abundant food. Even the internal heat factors associated with volcanic matter produce an energy source that stimulate growth.
  • Sea Salt which contains almost all minerals to promote hydration
  • (Seamollient) Hawaiian Algae is a powerful nutrient rich in amino acids and anti-oxidants that enhance cell formation

I love what the sea holds. The healing components of salt, marine and plant life… there’s just nothing quite like a trip to the sea to feed and heal the soul. Hydromarine™ is the sea in a bottle (or jar).

Hydromarine™ is the perfect blend of what we need to maintain and maximize our skin potential.

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